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Background of the Dermatology Department, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

In October 1940, the High School for Clinical Care was founded in Mashhad city, Iran, which became the School of Medicine in 1949. Before this time, there were no dermatology departments in Mashhad and other cities of Khorasan province, and patients with skin diseases were treated by general practitioners and internal physicians. In case of the need for hospitalization, these patients would be admitted in the internal medicine section. Dr. Mohammad Taghi Radpoor was one of the founders of the school, who completed the assistant training period at the Dermatology Department of Saint-Louis Hospital of Paris, France, under the supervision of professor Daugshen and Gougerou. He started his career as an instructor of skin disorders at the newly-founded department.

Considering the lack of an independent dermatology department, he had the idea of initiating such specialized section in the healthcare center. After some time, a department was established for sexually transmitted diseases and infections, which encompassed skin diseases as well, accounting for the first dermatology department in Khorasan province (200 patient beds). This department had three sections, including internal medicine managed by Dr. Ahmad Salari (head of the hospital), gynecology and obstetrics managed by Dr. Ali Salari, and infections, sexually transmitted diseases and dermatology managed by Dr. Radpoor. Therefore, the dermatology department was initiated in Mashhad city.

In 1948, Dr. Radpoor was transferred to Imam Reza (AS) Hospital due to the short budget, and the dermatology department was formed in the new location. During 1942-1971, Dr. Radpoor remained the head of the department, and the recruited assistants were Dr. Khalili and Dr. Sadr. It is noteworthy that at the time, the available paraclinical examinations could only diagnose skin disorders such as cutaneous leishmaniasis, scabies and fungal infections until the recruitment of Dr. Alavi, who initiated the field of skin pathology.

After the establishment of Ghaem Hospital in Mashhad and the affiliated departments, Dr. Radpoor and Dr. Khalili were engaged at Ghaem Hospital, and Dr. Sadr was in charge of dermatology education and treatment in Imam Reza Hospital.

Currently, the Dermatology Department at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences has two sections in Imam Reza Hospital (14 patient beds, independent) and Ghaem Hospital (13 patient beds, internal medicine branch). With nine faculty members, the department is responsible for the education and training of the assistants, apprentices and interns of this medical field. Furthermore, the specialized treatment facilities used in the department include phototherapy (since 1998) and lasers (since 2005) in Imam Reza Hospital.



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